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Cannabis oil, containing the huge proportions of Cannabidiol, is rich in numerous health healing properties. Various studies have provided the efficacy of cannabis oil in several medical conditions. When it comes to acceptance of medical cannabis in India, different people have different opinions but after certain research it has been clear that one can’t deny the remarkable health healing properties existing in cannabis medicines.

Medical cannabis oil in India is now being given quite a large importance and several health enthusiasts are eager to buy cannabis medicines from authentic manufacturers. To buy cannabis medicines in India, one must take note of going through a wide range of products offered by those manufacturers and the level of purity in their process of manufacturing.

Cannabis oil can benefit the medical condition of a person in numerous ways.

Natural Anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties

Conventional medications can ease stiffness and pain, however many people consider cannabis oil as a natural alternative. Non-psychoactive components found in marijuana, like CBD may offer a novel treatment to treat chronic pain.

CBD contained in cannabis oil decreases inflammation by preventing the release of substances that cause inflammation within the body. A study revealed that CBD applied to the skin in an ointment had a significant effect on reducing inflammation, skin conditions and scarring.

Stopping smoking and avoiding withdrawal from drugs

A study by the trusted source discovered that users who used inhalers with CBD had fewer cigarettes smoked than normal and had less cravings for nicotine. The results suggest that CBD could help smokers quit smoking cigarettes.

CBD decreases cravings in the withdrawal from tobacco due to its calming effect. The specific cannabinoids like CBD can help those who suffer from opioid addiction.

Researchers have found that cannabis oil reduces certain symptoms that are related to substance use disorders. They included anxiety, mood-related signs, pain as well as insomnia. Research continues to confirm cannabis oil’s usage in managing withdrawal symptoms.


Those who are suffering with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome should be given cannabis oil in order to recover fast.

The rare epilepsy forms cause seizures which are difficult to control using other forms of medication.

Scientists are beginning to comprehend the mechanisms by which cannabis oil can prevent seizures without the sedative side consequences of the medications previously used. Synthetic medications are not yet in the market that are targeted at the endocannabinoid system, as cannabis oil does.

Alzheimer’s disease

Many studies have examined the impact on the effects of cannabis oil in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2014 an animal study conducted by the Trusted Source found that CBD may help people maintain their ability to identify familiar faces. Alzheimer’s patients may be unable to recognize familiar faces.

A study from the year 2019 revealed that CBD could help in slowing the progression and onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The research continues to learn more about the dosage. Certain researchers from the Trusted Source believe that a treatment that combines the two THC and CBD might be more efficient.

Fighting cancer

In a number of pieces of evidence, it has been found that cannabis oil could help in preventing the spread of certain kinds of cancer. It appears to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and encourage their destruction.

Cannabis oil is low in toxic effects and can aid in the standard treatments for cancer. CBD contained in cannabis oil helps in stopping the spread of cancerous cells and increases the effect of chemotherapy for fast recovery. It also lessens the anxiety and adverse side effects caused by chemotherapy.

Anxiety disorders

Doctors have frequently advised those who suffer from anxiety disorders to stay clear of marijuana, since THC can trigger or intensify anxiety and anxiety and. CBD however, on the other hand, could help decrease anxiety.

A research study in 2019 revealed it was CBD present in cannabis oil that had a significant impact on the reduction of symptoms of anxiety in mice.

The authors pointed out that current treatments may cause negative effects and that some users have stopped using them for this reason. But, there isn’t any evidence to support the claim that CBD is not a good choice for treating a variety of ailments.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes develops in the body when your immune system targets cells within the pancreas, which causes inflammation. Cannabis oil can ease the inflammation and help prevent or delay the development in type I diabetes.

In a study conducted in 2018, Cannabidiol appeared to provide neuroprotection to rats with diabetes, for example, conserving their memory as well as reducing inflammation of the nerves.


Treatment for acne is another possible application for Cannabidiol. Acne is caused partly by inflammation and excessively stressed sebaceous glands throughout the body. CBD can help reduce the amount of sebum which causes acne, mainly due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Applying CBD to the skin may help decrease inflammation in psoriasis and other skin disorders that cause inflammation according to studies. CBD is becoming a widely used component in creams for skin and lotions. 

The takeaway

Supporters of medical cannabis oil state that there are certain medical conditions where the psychoactive properties of the plant can alleviate the symptoms and lessen the debilitating effects of the illness. For example, in the case of glaucoma, there have been some amazing results reported by medical cannabis oil users. The oils contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which has been found to be an effective treatment for glaucoma patients. If true, this represents a major breakthrough in the medical field, as previous treatment options such as LASIK surgery, photodynamic treatment, or prescription medications had all failed to produce significant results for glaucoma patients.

Despite the heated debate over whether or not marijuana should be legalised, many experts agree that using the plant for medical purposes has helped many people find relief from symptoms associated with common chronic health problems. However, while researchers continue to monitor the medicinal benefits of cannabis oil, advocates of the plant claim that its use is significantly safer than the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

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